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Antas Green is committed to safeguarding your right to privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data. The Antas Green Privacy Policy is applicable to any and all processing of personal data carried out within the scope of our activity, whether they are customers, employees, service providers, suppliers or any third person in the labor and commercial scope. In this regard, we have adopted administrative measures and internal procedures to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Antas Green is committed to the confidentiality and protection of the data of all the people with whom it has a relationship, under the legal terms and in compliance with the GDPR. The processing of personal data is governed by Law 67/98 of 25 October, on the Protection of Personal Data.


Antas Green collects personal data mainly through its website at and within the scope of its professional activity. In order to proceed with the processing of data, you may collect, register, organize, conserve, change, recover, consult, use or any other form of availability, deletion or destruction of the personal data of your customers and employees through automated means, or not.


Antas Green collects and processes personal data from two perspectives: in the context of its commercial or work activity and in the context of marketing, with the explicit consent of its holders, and cannot process the data in the future in an irreconcilable manner with these purposes.

All information collected by Antas Green is for its exclusive use and it undertakes not to sell, exchange, rent or share to third parties without the explicit consent of the user, except in case of a court decision.

Our objective with the collection of data is to comply with legal obligations with the competent authorities (in the case of customers and employees) and make known our services, projects and other useful information such as news and tips by email (in the case of actions of marketing).

The data collected will only be necessary and adequate to fulfill the described purposes and will be kept up to date. Personal data may be preserved for a pre-defined period of time taking into account the purposes of the processing and will be deleted or pseudonymized after the conservation period.


The holders of personal data can and must exercise their rights regarding the way in which their personal data are processed. The new regulation brings a series of rights to holders, including:

Right of access – Data subjects have the right to know all the data collected about them and for the purpose of use.

Right of rectification – Data subjects may request that their information be updated or corrected.

Right to be forgotten – Data subjects can request that their information be forgotten. That is, that any information up to that moment about the person is eliminated.

Right to portability – Data subjects may request that their information be transmitted to another organization or to a competitor.

Right of opposition – The persons involved may request that their information not be subject to certain processing or use. It can be done through opt-out.

Right to file a complaint – If the data provided by the data subject is not processed in accordance with the legal provisions, the data subject can file a complaint with the supervisory authority, which, in Portugal, is the National Data Protection Commission.


Antas Green will notify you in due time if necessary, the processing of your data for a new purpose, not covered by this document.

Antas Green reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy whenever necessary in order to comply with the laws and regulations in force. These changes will always be communicated to employees, customers or any other interested parties by sending an email, notice or in the most convenient way.


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Commercial Spaces

The Antas Green development provides commercial and service spaces for those who wish to set up their business in a central area of the city, where many people pass through on a daily basis.

Apartments T4 duplex

4 Bedroom duplex apartments with large spaces, abundant natural light, balconies overlooking the garden and access to manicured outdoor spaces. Recommended for families who value their health and well-being and like to make the most of every room in their home. 

Apartments T3

3 Bedroom apartments with a magnificent living room, a master bedroom with access to the balcony and views over the garden, two bathrooms and laundry space. Ideal for families with young children looking for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Apartments T2

2 Bedroom apartments with generous areas, fully equipped kitchens, premium finishes, and energy sustainability. Very suitable for couples in the beginning of life who want to live between the nature of the vegetation and the luxury offered by the amenities and features of these floors.

Apartments T1

1 Bedroom apartments with master bedroom, fully equipped kitchen and balcony with flower garden. Perfect for a millennial lifestyle, solo or for two! Very large areas, with all the amenities and acoustic and thermal comfort.

Apartments T0

Studio apartments to accommodate one or two people with all the comfort, but without walls in between! Studios with maximized space, ideal for young people who are looking for their first home.